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TPG Telecom is your Technology Partner

TPG Telecom is Australia's newest communications technology provider, bringing together a world-leading mobile provider and a fiercely competitive broadband business that helped to revolutionise fixed-line communications in Australia.

We are building Australia’s newest and smartest 5G network which, alongside our extensive fibre network and the NBN, means we have a connectivity solution to suit the needs of every business.

We continue to invest in our networks, in new services and products, and in the latest and most innovative technologies so we can unlock the capabilities and full potential of connectivity for businesses across Australia.  

Small Business

TPG Telecom constantly expands technological boundaries to ensure our customers continue to grow, develop and remain competitive.


TPG Telecom aims to provide faster, reliable connections to support our customers in reaching their full potential and remain competitive.


TPG Telecom offers a reliable, flexible and secure solution to help you grow and strengthen your communities.